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In the heartwarming family feature film 'Rosy's Pig,’ we follow the spirited journey of Rosy, an 11-year-old girl with an unwavering desire for a furry companion. However, her world takes a dramatic turn when her father faces the loss of his business, and Rosy is entrusted to live with her eccentric aunt who shares her home with a most unusual pet—a lovable and mischievous pig.

As Rosy finally gets her long-awaited pet, she embarks on a rollercoaster of adventures, joy, and, of course, a few hilarious mishaps. In a tale filled with laughter, daring heists, and heartwarming moments, 'Rosy's Pig’ is a charming cinematic experience for the entire family, especially those who hold a special place in their hearts for our oink-tastic friends. Join Rosy as she discovers the true meaning of family and the extraordinary bonds that can form in the most unexpected places.

Rosy's Pig Feature Film

The Story behind The Story

How Rosy's Pig the movie got made...

Rosy is played by Sai Leue, a homeschooler born 2009. Sai just like Rosy in the movie loves animals. Sai has wanted a pet pig for years. Her aunt rescued a pig not knowing the pig was pregnant! Now Sai's aunt needed help looking after all these rescued piglets. Sai begged her dad Jason Leue for one. Being a dad and a filmmaker, Jason is always thinking of ways to engage/teach his homeschooled daughter and new film ideas. So Jason made a deal with Sai. They would build a pig pen together and make a feature film starring Sai and her new pig! 

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